Monadnock Area Grand Prix (MAGP) race series

The JFD 5K is part of the Monadnock Area Grand Prix Race Series.
There are 13 races in the MAGP series from Keene to Milford, NH.

What is MAGP? The Monadnock Area Grand Prix (MAGP) is a series of local, independent races in the Monadnock Area.

What is the goal? The goal of the MAGP series is to increase participation in local races and thus improve fund-raising for the organizations the races benefit while also promoting healthy activity, community involvement, and fun. We aim to encourage people to participate in the local races in the Monadnock region that help our communities.

How? Runners participating in the MAGP series will receive awards at the end of the series based on cumulative participation. Runners participating in more than half the series races will receive a MAGP shirt. Runners participating in all races will receive a tech MAGP shirt.

Who? The Monadnock Regional Milers running club is organizing and promoting the MAGP race series. We will promote the MAGP races in newspapers, websites, Facebook and at each race. We have already begun this media promotion.

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Monadnock Area Grand Prix (MAGP) race series